Medical gas cylinders have remained relatively unchanged  within our hospital systems for over 40 years even though it’s believed there are now upwards of 30 million cylinders globally delivering medical gasses to patients, often in critical environments.



Recently there has been a move to cylinders with a digital display allowing for a clearer understanding of time remaining and gas levels.

However, there remains little knowledge of the life cycle of a cylinder once it has entered a hospital, with little chance of tracking its movement or location once it’s left a storage location.



Using the VCD technology to track and monitor location, display contents and time remaining, whilst reporting on any alarms or adverse incidents in real time to a central location, cylinders are finally becoming ‘SMART’ in the true sense of the word.



Both hospitals and gas manufacturers are able to use captured data collected from multiple assets to optimise the use, restocking and auditing of cylinders. Via an easily configurable dashboard that can be designed to specific hospital requirements, analysis of all collected data will ensure patient safety is at the forefront of all procedures where supplemental medical gas is required from a portable cylinder.


As the level of captured data increases, algorithms will constantly look to optimise the use of cylinders ensuring both the hospital and gas manufacturer are delivering a continually improved service.

Further to the monitoring of gas cylinders, other portable assets can also be tracked to help with finding equipment when required and delivering a better patient experience.

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